Physical address: 104 Route 100N, West Dover, VT

Mailing address: PO Box 710, West Dover, VT  05356

Phone: (802) 464-1195

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Today, under one collective identity, we can enthusiastically lift up that the United Church of Christ is a welcoming, justice-minded Christian community. At a time when religion is too often portrayed as narrow-minded and exclusive, many are raising their VOICES for an alternate vision:

– Where God is all-loving and inclusive
– Where the Church of Jesus Christ welcomes and accepts everyone as they are
– Where your mind is nourished as much as your soul
– Where Jesus the healer meets Jesus the revolutionary
– Where together we grow a just and peaceful world


We’re a church of continuing testament, extravagant welcome, and changed lives. We listen to a Stillspeaking God. We’re not perfect, but we know who we are. Take a look at ‘Uniquely UCC’ and share the message with your family and friends.