Giving and Stewardship

West Dover is a church characterized by regularly attending,  engaged members who give as generously as they can of their time, money, and whole hearts, to help us be to the Deerfield Valley what God wants us to be.  That is the future we believe God is persistently calling us to, with hints and pointers and the examples of many devoted lives.  It is our prayer,that we become more and more the abundant, grace-filled, generous, active congregation that God desires. We gather in God’s great name, sing God’s praises, and make a joyful noise in the Valley. We look forward to move into the future.

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West Dover Congregational Church   Annual Stewardship Drive 2016

Dear Fellow Members and Friends of WDCC,

It is the time of year again when we are planning to keep West Dover Congregational Church vital and alive for the future. Our hope is to continue to continue to sustain a community where people love and care for each other. Part of putting together the Annual Budget for next year includes our Stewardship Drive to raise funds needed to keep moving forward. We need the help and support from all of our members and friends. While our Church is a place where people gather for Sunday worship, reflection, music and fellowship, it is also a lot more. West Dover Congregational Church is devoted to empowering our community and world toward a more just, peaceful and life affirming reality. This includes supporting the area Food Pantry, Scouts, Habitat for Humanity and ministering to families facing illness and hardship, community causes as well as national and international missions.

We have embraced the motto “No matter who you are or where are in life’s journey, you are welcome here.” Practically speaking this means we have to keep our doors open, the lights on, the heat working and raise the salary for a Pastor. We are currently being served by two bridge Pastors, Rev. Ray Foster and Rev. Sandy Daly as we pursue a search for our new Settled Pastor who will make a commitment to join our causes. In order for this to occur, we have to first demonstrate our own commitment to attend to the practical needs of the church as well as the greater cause of serving our community, the world and most importantly, God.

Unlike other investments, a stewardship campaign asks that you invest into a fund that brings not only material returns, but into one that will grow in your heart and spirit. It is really an investment in hope and a commitment to faith. We are asking that each of us invest in hope and faith.

A well respected Pastor said recently; “Stewardship, the wise and prudent use of what God has given us, is not separate from the spiritual life. It is at the heart of the spiritual life.” Stewardship is not just about paying our bills; it’s about hope, and investing in that hope. It is also a way of expressing gratitude for the many gifts that God has bestowed upon each and every one of us, and making it possible for others to receive some of these gifts. Through continued ministry, these gifts become a blessing to those in need in our community. As we have heard before, “Don’t give until it hurts, give until it feels good.”

Please return the enclosed form as soon as you can, and after prayer and thought, be as generous as you are able.


All of Us!

Dario Lussardi, Moderator & Barbara Hyde, Clerk, Sally Stott, Treasurer,  Barbara Willenbrock & Richard Severance, Treasures Pro-Tempore,  Marge Thurber, Chair & Joan Judd, Secretary of Trustees, Samantha Place & Mikie Schwartz, Co-Chairs of Deacons  Louise Severance & Barbara Hyde Co-Chairs for LKG (Loose Knit Group),   Laurel Cashman, Chair of Search Committee

Giving Commitment 2016 West Dover Congregational Church


In response to God’s love and as a concrete expression of my faith and commitment to Christ and his church, I plan to give






Phone_______________________ Email______________________________________


I will make payments:  Weekly: $_________ per week, Monthly: $_________ per month

Annually: Full amount to be paid in 2016.  Other: $_________ per _______________

Either:  Bring this form with you on any Sunday. OR  Mail to: WDCC / Attn: Treasurer / PO Box 710, West Dover Vt 05356

Other ways you can help West Dover Congregational Church:

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Pledge Letter January 2015

January 2015

Dear Fellow Members and Friends of WDCC,

It is the time of year again when we are putting together the Annual Budget for next year.  It can be a daunting task as our costs are going up but our income may not be keeping pace. All of us love our church, and we would like to see it going forward as a robust and exciting part of our lives.

Depending on our estimate of income we may have some hard choices to make. Last year we put together a deficit budget estimating that $15,000 would have to come out of the Operating Reserve Fund. We cannot continue to do this.  At that rate we will soon deplete our reserves. We can increase income or we can cut costs, and we have cut almost to the bone!

There are many costs that people donate.  They don’t show up in the budget. People buy supplies and “forget” to turn in a bill. The same is true for coffee and food, most of which is donated. We have never gotten bills for landscaping the front of the church or for flowers on the altar. Often, Deacons buy the Communion bread and grape juice out of their own pockets.  And of course, many of you give richly to the church from your talents and skills.

Many of our costs are fixed.  Those that are flexible make a difference in the quality of our life together. We now have a ¾ time interim Pastor.  Will our next settled Pastor be full or part time? Do we continue the garden? Do we advertise our presence? Do we continue or cut back on support for community ministries and needs?  God has certainly been with us in providing us with a Jim Littrell as our Interim Pastor and Chris Bakriges providing us with beautiful music. We are truly a blessed enterprise. And we are having a rich and good time as a community in covenant with one another and with God.

Now it’s time to give God a raise and erase the deficit!  If we acknowledge that the resources we have are gifts from God, what part of these gifts should come back to further God’s work?  All of us have been very generous over the years supporting the church. Now we ask again that we all dig down and give back to God generously from what God has given us. If everyone increased their gift by 10% that would be a great help in 2015!

This year when you pledge think about the real costs of maintaining and growing our church. Think about God’s love for you and your love for God. As we have heard before, “Don’t give until it hurts, give until it fills good.”  Return the enclosed form as soon as you can, and after prayer and thought, be as generous as you can.


All of Us!