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Annual Meeting for 2015 will be on January 31, 2015 

WDCC Annual Report 2015

2015 Annual Meeting Agenda Item: “Do we tread water or swim?” January 31, 2016

With WDCC having been in a transitional period for some time now, it is necessary for the Congregation to come to a consensus about our direction as we head into 2016. It therefore seems important to consider at our annual meeting, when many members will be present, to decide how we shall proceed in the coming months as we continue forward. Our Congregational structure means that we make decisions by consensus with everyone having a say.

Asking the question; “Do we tread water or swim” is a way for all to have input into our next direction. With a search for a Settled Pastor well underway, some may prefer to “tread water,” continuing our course and keeping things as stable as we can until a new spiritual leader emerges. Others may prefer to take action and move forward as a way to make WDCC more active in certain ways and nourish our spirit and our connection to our community.

Although I recently said; “While there are many who would like us to think that we will be redefined by whoever our next Settled Pastor is, some would have us seek a pastor who can focus on bringing in new families; others would prefer a focus on social justice or some other issue important to them. What I see is that a redefinition of our church culture is already underway and rather than wait to be defined by someone who is not yet present, the challenge to make WDCC a strong and vital presence in our community is our present responsibility. Join us, for we are in the midst of creating a Church community that would have any number of people, including Pastoral candidates, want to join us in our efforts to continue to improve our demonstration of our Love for God and for each other.”

This however is a Congregational decision and everyone’s voice matters. If the Congregation decides to “swim,” we will consider various ways of doing so.

Please join us.

Dario Lussardi


The Annual Meeting of the West Dover Congregational Church will be held on Sunday, January 31, 2016 at the church following the 9 am service.  A pot luck luncheon will follow the meeting.  The Annual Report will include reports from all committees and the Moderator as well as the minutes from the 2014 annual meeting.  Anyone with questions may contact Dario Lussardi, Moderator, Barbara Hyde, Clerk, or any committee chair.

Get your copy of the Annual Report at church  – or look for it to be posted on our website in the next few days

All Members of the West Dover Congregational Church UCC are hereby warned that the Annual Meeting of the Church will be held on Sunday, January 31, 2016 to vote on the budget and any other business that might come before the meeting.  If you are not able to attend in person, please fill out a proxy form.  

Dario Lussardi, Moderator
By direction of the Church Council

Agenda for 2015 Annual Meeting-January 31, 2016

Individual reports are within the report



I ________________________________hereby give my proxy   to _________________________ to vote on my behalf on all issues that come before the Annual Meeting of January 31, 2016.

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Minutes for the WD Congregational Church Annual Meeting

                                February 9, 2014

Present: Rev. Emily Heath (Pastor), Chuck Gentilin (Moderator), Miller Longbotham (Treasurer), Richard Severance (Assist. Treasurer), John Thurber (Chair of Trustees), Louise Severance (Vice-President) LKG, Kathryn Longbotham (Chair Deacons),Barbara Willenbrock (Chair of Compensation Committee), Marge Thurber, Sindy Hassig, Bob Rubin, Elinor Havness, Joan Judd, Randy Johnson, Phil Bowen, Allan Dann, Jeremy Schrauf, Samantha, Place, Dario Lussardi, Diane Morelli, Doris Horton, Herb Childs,  Laurel Cashman,  Elinor Havness, Barbara Hyde, and Jill Gentilin (Secretary)

Opening: It was established that a quorum was present. Jill apologized for leaving Barbara W.’s name off the list of Trustees and that the Nominations in the book were incorrect. A correct list was passed out. Emily opened the meeting with prayer.

Chuck read the Rules of the Road. A motion was made by Louise to accept the minutes and Richard seconded it. There were l corrections to the minutes: Barbara W.’s name was omitted from those present, and the word “several” was deleted from the Deacons’ report since there were more than several special services. The minutes were approved as corrected.

Treasurer’s Report: Jeremy moved and Barbara H. seconded a motion to accept the Treasurer’s report. There was no discussion. The movement to accept the Treasurer’s passed.

Sub-Investment Committee Report: Samantha moved and Jeremy seconded a motion to accept the Sub-Investment Committee Report. There was a question about how the fees affected the bottom line. Miller explained that as the amount in our investment increases, the fees of the investment were also increased. There were two substantial additions of $20,000 and $30, 000 from the closing of the Wilmington Church accounts. He said that even with the increase in fees the account made nearly 13%.

Reports from the Committees: John thanked Jill for writing the Trustee Report. Jill remarked on how much work the LKG does during the year in Mission Work for the church. She said they were “unsung heroes.”

Pastor’s Report: Emily thanked all the leaders of the church who had been so helpful to her. She thought we were keeping the church very well maintained with the painting inside and out and all of the repairs that had been made. She was grateful for the work the Deacons had done in shepherding the Open and Affirming Policy to a successful conclusion.

She noted that we had 450 people attending the Christmas Eve service. Sindy was praised for the “best Christmas Pageant ever.”

The two churches, Wilmington and West Dover had worked well together since the merger. Also our church is working with other community churches especially St. Mary’s.

Jeremy noted there was a lot of work done behind the scenes with old timers teaching the new people.

Budget:  Emily opened the next part of the meeting with a prayer of preparation. The budget discussion was opened. Jeremy moved and Laurel seconded a motion to accept the budget.

There was one question about the word “stipend” in the Minister’s compensation. Barbara W. explained the stipend was added to Emily’s compensation to bring her closer to the recommended salary for a church with 100 members or less. If the money had been added as a percentage increase then Social Security, Housing, and her Annuity would have increased also.

Merrill asked if the increase in the pledges would reduce the amount estimated in the plate collection. Miller said he based his estimate on historical evidence where an increase in pledges did not decrease the plate collection.

The Budget passed with one abstention.

Other: Kathryn moved to have a committee formed to update the by-laws with special attention to the terms of officers and report back by the next Annual Meeting. Jeremy seconded the motion. Emily suggested that the Nominating Committee appoint a committee to do this. The motion passed.

Janet asked about installing a lift. She said she knew that John was already working on this to get cost estimates. The expenses would come from another fund drive.

Kudos were given to Alan for the wonderful music each Sunday, to Randy Johnson as our new Chief of Police, and Chuck as moderator.

Emily said that Lent would start March 5. She would like to do some kind of series and asked if people would rather come out in the evening or stay after worship. It seemed as if more people would rather stay after worship.

There being no further business, Emily closed the meeting with prayer.

Respectfully submitted

Jill Gentilin, Secretary

Minutes for a Special Meeting of the WDCC to Vote on the Opening and Affirming Motion

Present: Rev. Emily Heath (Pastor), Dario Lussardi and Diane Morelli, Jen McNary, David Hayner, Jeremy Schrauf, Barbara Hyde, Barbara Willenbrock, Herb Childs, Elinor Havness, Mikie Schwarz, Bob Rubin, Paul Myers, Christine Kurcuz, Randy Johnson, Leo and Glennis Weinberg, Sally and Merill Mundell, Louise and Richard Severance, Mikie Schwarz, Frank Spencer, Jeff Novy, Judy Jones, Sindy Hassig, Evon and David Mack, Samantha Place, Sarah Bourne, Laurel Cashman, Andy Childs, Janet Kierys, and Chuck and Jill Gentilin (members)

Voting by Proxy: John White, Miller and Kathryn Longbotham, Randy and Mary Schoonmaker, Marge and John Thurber, Anna Cashman, Andy McLean, Chris McLean, Nelson and Charlotte Bond, Mindy Childs, Leni Brown, Nancy Logan,

Non-Members: Veronique Czechoroski, Gisele Roth, Heidi Heath,

Dario called the meeting to order and it was established that a quorum was present.

Emily opened the meeting with prayer and affirmed that only members can present legal ballots.

A paper ballot was collected and Dario, Laurel, and Jen counted the ballots.

While the votes were being counted, Emily talked with the congregation about the stewardship program.

Jen came in and announced that the vote was 50-0 in favor of the motion:

We the members of the West Dover Congregational Church declare ourselves to be an Open and Affirming Congregation. We welcome people of all races, ethnicities, nationalities, genders, sexual orientations, gender identities and expressions, marital statuses, ages, socio-economic classes, physical and mental abilities, and educational backgrounds to the full life, leadership, and ministry of this church. We proudly affirm that “No matter who you are, or where you are on life’s journey, you are welcome here.”

The meeting was closed with prayer by Emily.

Respectfully submitted

Jill Gentilin, Secretary

West Dover Congregational Meeting

April 7,2013

Opening: Emily opened the meeting with prayer. Twenty-four members were present.

Painting: Mikie Schwarz moved to accept the bid from Richard Sprague to paint the interior and exterior of the church the cost not to exceed $16,280. Jeff Novy seconded the motion.

Discussion: Merrill asked about the colors. The Deacons are to pick out the colors. It was ultimately decided to paint the walls Navaho White and the trim Dover White.

Bob Rubin explained the cost is for interior and exterior painting and recaulking of the windows. Sherwin Williams’s paint will be used and the cost is for two coats. The cost also includes power washing the church. Richard Sprague was the low bidder. There was a $9000 difference between the top and low bidder. The sheet rock will also be repaired as needed.

Judy Jones will paint the sign on the front of the church with the same color white.

Chuck Gentilin called for a vote on the motion and it passed unanimously.

The meeting was closed with prayer,

Respectfully submitted

Jill Gentilin (Secretary)


February 10, 2013

Present: Rev. Emily Heath (Pastor), Chuck Gentilin (Moderator), Miller Longbotham (Treasurer), Richard Severance (Assist. Treasurer), Paul Myers (Chair of the Investment Sub-Committee), John Thurber (Vice-Chair of Trustees), Louise Severance (Vice President of LKG), Kathryn Longbotham (Chair of Deacons), Jennifer McNary, Mindy and Andy Childs, Marge Thurber, Bob Rubin, Judy Jones, Herb Childs, Mary Beth McGovern, Randy Johnson, Laurel Cashman, Sarah Bourn, Dario Lussardi, Diane Morreli, Barbara Hyde, Joan Judd, Mikie Schwarz, Merrill Mundell, Alan Dann, and Jill Gentilin (Secretary)

Opening: Emily opened the meeting with prayer. Louise moved to accept the minutes and Mikie seconded the motion. The minutes were accepted as written.

Treasurer’s Report: Barbara moved and Paul seconded a motion to accept the Treasurer’s report. Miller asked for questions from the floor, Merrill asked how the figures were put together. Miller explained the process. A question was asked about the negative $10000 figure. This would be the state of the church if we had not had the contribution from Wilmington. He said there are two more CDs to come due that would total $30000 this year. The Wilmington Church has no liability for the building as the Episcopal Church assumed that. The Treasurer’s report was accepted as written.

Investment Sub-Committee: Mikie moved and Bob seconded a motion to accept the Investment Sub-Committee report.  Paul said we had invested all of the funds into a Wachovia Mutual Fund. It is expected to return an annualized rate of 13%. It is a liquid fund and the funds can be withdrawn with 24-hour notice. The motion passed. Everyone was pleased and surprised by the expected rate of return

Pastor’s report: Emily said the church was in very good shape. Our building is well maintained. Our finances seem sound. Eight new members had been accepted into the congregation. More and more we think of ourselves as one entity and not Wilmington members versus Dover or old versus new. We have more and greater pledges. Most of all the congregation has a positive attitude.

Emily plans to do an Introductory Course on the UCC.

Deacons’ Report: Several special services were held during the year including Ash Wednesday. Maundy Thursday, and services on every Wednesday during Lent. Jeremy Schrauf and Andy McLean have decided to move on. Janet Kierys is no longer a Co-chair due to her health and Kathryn has assumed those responsibilities.

Trustees’ Report: During the year, the steeple and roof were repaired, the generator was installed, and a new hot water system replaced the old. John said that the Trustees planned to paint the outside trim, power wash the church and re-caulk the windows. There is also some consideration given to painting the sanctuary. Jennifer asked if it was possible to open the upper shutters. John said that really wasn’t feasible because they were screwed to the building and opened in a tri-fold manner that the winds could catch.

There were questions asked about becoming a Red Cross Shelter. John explained we needed to be inspected to see if we qualify. The church would be a secondary shelter as the school is the primary shelter.

LKG: The LKG had a very good fund raising year. Louise said that in addition to the cash contribution to eight or nine missions the LKG sent $200 to a church in Brooklyn that was harmed by the Sandy Hurricane. Jill asked for more members to become active in the LKG, as the number of attendees had shrunk to 4 at the last meeting.

Election of Officers: The following people were elected to offices. Andy Childs and Laurel Cashman will replace Jeremy Schrauf and Andy McLean on the Board of Deacons. Dario had already been appointed to replace Dave Bolton who resigned earlier. Jill and John will continue for another three years as Trustees. Barbara Willenbrock who had stepped down as Co-Treasurer will replace Elinor Havness. Elinor had stepped down for health reasons.

Budget Process: 

Mikie moved and Barbara seconded a motion to accept the budget. Chuck asked for questions and none were offered. The Budget was passed as presented.

Visioning Process: Emily passed out the results of the survey done by church members. Highlights are: most people who returned surveys were church members who attend weekly, they asked for a focus on spiritual growth and could attend focus groups on Sunday morning and Thursday.

Merrill was concerned that he might be asked to give up certain firmly held convictions. Emily reassured him that the church would remain open to a diversity of ideas.

There will be a seven week series presented twice each week on Sunday and Thursday/ The topics will be: purpose, status, identity, Christian education (child, youth, and adult), worship service, structure i.e. leadership, and then people will be asked to make a commitment to the things they want to see happen. We will also reformulate our Mission Statement. A note taker will take notes on each group to ensure communication between the groups,

Other: The congregation expressed their pride that Emily was chosen to sit on the board of the National UCC Conference.

There being no further business the meeting adjourned at 11:40 AM.

Respectfully submitted

Jill Gentilin

Fall Congregational Meeting of the WD Congregational Church

October 28, 2012

Present: Rev. Emily Heath (Pastor), Chuck Gentilin (Moderator), Richard and Louise Severance, Doris Horton, Jeremy Schrauf, Marge and John Thurber, Sally Mundell, Barbara Hyde, Bob Rubin, Randy Johnson, Laurel Cashman, Jennifer McNeery, Kathryn Longbotham, Judy Jones, Frank Spencer, and Jill Gentilin (Secretary)

*Note: If we had any decisions to make at this meeting, we would not have had a quorum without proxies. As the church grows there will be higher numbers needed to have a quorum present.

Emily opened the meeting with prayer. Doris encouraged us to go to a country and western show at Memorial Hall.

VISIONING PROCESS: An on line survey will be sent to everyone that Emily can reach to gather thoughts and guide this process. Hard copies will be available to anyone who does not have email. Starting in January Emily will do a sermon series on the
Visioning Process, Following worship, there will be a discussion group to discuss the information gathered and discern a purpose and vision statement for our church.

An alternate time to meet will be a weekend evening for those who cannot come to worship.

Frank said that he thought it would be good to share this information with people who are not here during the winter months. Emily agreed with this. He also requested that we visit the time for service. Emily said this information would be part of the survey.

Stewardship: Emily passed around a handout that showed how we spent our money in 2011, A pie chart showed 22% was spent on worship, 16% on Christian Development, 18% on Pastoral Care, 21% on Mission, Service, and Outreach, and 23% on Stewardship of building and grounds. (If anyone would like a copy of this chart with greater detail, I can mail you one if I have your address),

There was also a questionnaire about giving that followed Emily’s sermon series during October and the first Sunday in February. She said that she knew most people could not tithe. Another way to do this is thinking of increasing your pledge by 10% and ask yourself what that would mean to you.

Jill inserted a request that people think about an extra $10 to be given to our Mission Fund which has to grow before we could use it. We no longer have the 5 special envelope Sundays we used to have but people could give an extra gift to this fund. It should not be considered part of your pledge but simply an extra thank you to God.

The meeting concluded with prayer and a luncheon followed.

Respectfully submitted, Jill Gentilin (Secretary)



February 12, 2012

Present: Rev. Emily Heath (Pastor), Chuck Gentilin (Moderator), Barbara Willenbrock (Treasurer), Dick Severance (Assistant Treasurer), Louise Severance (Co-Chair of Deacons and Vice President of LKG), Harriette Hamilton (Co-chair of Deacons), Bill Hamilton (Chair of Trustees), Elinor Havness (Vice Chair Trustees), David Boulton, Barbara Hyde, Judy Jones, Mary Beth McGovern, Laurel Cashman, Sandy and Eddie Barber, Kathyrn Longbotham, Alan Dann, Marge and John Thurber, Randy Johnson, Janet Kierys, Lisa Croce, Mikie Schwarz, Frank Smith, Jeremy Schrauf, Phil Bowen, Sally Mundell, and Jill Gentilin (Secretary).

(Bill Hamilton, Harriette Hamilton, and Louise Severance are all moving on from their respective boards after this meeting having served the maximum terms allowed by our by-laws.)

Opening: A quorum was established.. Emily opened the meeting with prayer. Sally moved to accept the minutes as written and David seconded the motion. The minutes were accepted as written.

Treasurer’s Report:  Barbara reported that we have $54,648 in the Money Market Fund.  Included in this is $10,000 from Wilmington, a $2000 anonymous donation for the generator, $7,295 in the checking reserve, and $35,353 for the steeple. The checking account has $8,263.

In 2011 our income was $500 more than our expenses.

Laurel moved to accept the report and Harriette seconded the motion. The Treasurer’s report was accepted subject to audit.

Assistant Treasurer’s Report: Dick reported that we have $58,000 in the Capital Expense Fund, $75, 000 in the Operating Reserve, and $19,000 in the Mission Fund. Louise moved to accept the Assistant Treasurer’s Report and Harriette seconded the motion. The Assistant Treasurer’s Report was accepted subject to audit.

Pastor’s Report: As we now have 56 members in the church, Emily thought that it was time to begin a Visioning Process.  In this process we will try to discern God’s will for the future of our church. It has been a long time since we have even tried to write a new mission statement and the congregation should have measurable goals to meet our mission.  The Visioning Process is open to everyone; it is about growing disciples; it is a time to share positive hope; and it helps to ensure good stewardship.

It is a way of being proactive and to foster community.   It is driven by faith.

During this process we may look to change the name of our church as it is no longer a West Dover Church but serves the community from Whitingham to Wardsboro.  This process will begin after Easter.  The congregation expressed support for this process and hopefully we will find ways  to increase our membership with families, children, and young adults.

Deacons’ Report: Louise said they had had a very good year. The Deacons hope to start a choir. Changes have been made to the wedding policy to give Emily more flexibility in the fees, and more latitude in the music chosen.  The rest of their progress is found in their report.

LKG Report: Louise said she was amazed at the willingness of members to volunteer

for their fund raising activities. The LKG meets on the first Tuesday of each month and is open to all women of the church.

Trustees:  Elinor said we have a contract with Southworth Electrical Co. to install the generator. The cost of $8400 was well under the $12,000 that was approved.

The Trustees also approved installing a new “on demand hot water system”.

John explained that the Trustees had considered upgrading the current hot water system, which would cost $2600, but for an extra $600 we could get an “on demand hot water system”. This will be a cost saving measure as we will use less propane and electric. The company he contacted said they would complete the electrical work on the generator when they installed the “on demand system” for a cost of $3,149. Eddie move to spend $3,150 to install the “on demand system” and David seconded the motion. The motion was approved.

During the discussion of the motion, Frank said he was amazed at how far the church had come. When he started coming to this church there were stoves that heated the church and sometimes the smoke was so thick you couldn’t see the minister. Marge Thurber hoped that someone would help Frank to write down these stories.

John Thurber had received three bids for repair of the steeple and that project will start in the spring.

The congregation applauded John’s work on getting these bids and the installation of the new door.

Historian: Jeremy said this job continues to be challenging. It would be helpful if he got copies of all forms and information pertaining to the church.

Sunday School: Jill asked for help with the Sunday school.

Business Meeting: Emily opened the business part of the meeting with prayer. Jeremy moved to accept the budget and Mary Beth seconded the motion,

Discussion: Marge asked if enough money was budgeted for the Sunday school. Jill said she ordered materials about twice a year and they cost around $80. So $200 was adequate.

The money for electricity was increased but it should go down after we get the on demand hot water system. Janet said that we all needed to be good stewards of the heat and lights in the church. Often the heat does not get turned down and lights are left on.

Jill told the members that the Deacons’ Discretionary fund had no money attached to this line item because of a generous donation from the UCC. In others years this will need to be funded.

Barbara said she separated the plate and envelope collection to let people see that the majority of our income comes from pledges.

The motion to accept the budget as prepared was approved.

Nominations: Jill presented the nominees to fill vacant positions on the boards. Kathyrn Longbotham and Jen McNary have agreed to be Deacons.  Paul Meyers and Louise Severance have agreed to be Trustees. Miller Longbotham will be Co-Treasurer. Jill signed up for another term, as Clerk and Jeremy will continue as Historian.

Jill asked if there were any nominations from the floor. None were offered.

The slate of nominees was approved

Other: Jeremy talked about the formation of Cub and Boy Scout troops. Merrill is helping with the Cub Scouts and Jill, Chuck, and Andy have agreed to be committee members for the Scouts.

Sally talked about the books that we have donated to Kurn Hattin. They are so important to the children that receive them Many of these kids have never owned a book in their life.

Jill asked for anyone who wanted to be added to the Prayer Line to sign on the sign up sheet she had prepared

There being no further business, Emily closed the meeting with prayer.

Respectfully submitted

Jill Gentilin, Secretary.

These minutes have not been approved

2011 Fall Meeting of the West Dover Congregational Church

November 6, 2011

Present: Rev. Emily Heath (Pastor), Chuck Gentilin (Moderator) Bill Hamilton (Chair Trustees), Harriette Hamilton (Co-Chair Deacons), Louise Severance (Co-Chair of Deacons and Vice President LKG), Barbara Willenbrock (Treasurer), Dick Severance (Assist. Treasurer), Elinor Havness (Vice Chair of Trustees), John Thurber (Trustee), Bob Rubin (Trustee), Janet Kiery (Deacon), Dave Bolton (Deacon), Andy McLean (Deacon), Herb and Barbara Childs, Marge Thurber, Mikie Schwarz, Joan Judd, Randy Johnson, Nancy Vandal, Mary Beth McGovern, Judy Jones, Tom Shanahan, Phil Bowen, and Jill Gentilin (Secretary)

Andy said grace and we met in fellowship over lunch.

Emily opened the meeting with prayer. A quorum (16 voting members) was established.

Article I A motion to allow the Trustees to proceed to get estimates for a generator was made by Mikie and seconded by Louise.

Discussion: John presented estimates he had from Steve Beatty. A 10K Generator would cost between $6000 and $7000 and run everything except hot water and the stoves. We would need an upgrade to the hot water system that would cost about $1500. A 20K would cost between $9000 and $11000 and would run everything.  Several questions were asked: Would it have a self-check automatically every week?  Yes

Would we run out of propane? Probably not as they are very efficient but we could call the company to check on our supply if there was a prolonged outage. Will it have a smart switch? Yes. Is it self-starting? Yes. Would the town want to join us as an auxiliary shelter? Probably not as that would call for a much larger generator. How long before the hot water system will need to be upgraded? About two years. Is the generator air-cooled? Yes. 

Jill and Mikie both made a case for a larger generator since if we have ski groups they would probably need to use the stoves and dishwasher and would need a dependable system for hot water. Jill made a friendly motion to let the Trustees get two more estimates for a 20K generator that would not exceed $12000. This amendment passed and the original amendment was defeated.

Article II Bingo

Mikie moved to allow the Trustees to move forward and investigate the cost of having Bingo as a fundraiser in the church. Harriette seconded it.

Discussion: Mary Beth thought it might be better to have a movie night instead. Joan asked if we would be competing with the library and the town movie theater? Probably. Jill pointed out that considering other fundraisers might be done after we decided on the Bingo game. 

Bill pointed out that we were considering the Bingo game only if there was not a moral objection to having Bingo. even if those objecting were not a majority then we should not do it. 

A question was asked about competition with other area Bingo games and it was pointed out that there are Bingo games every night of the week in the surrounding area. Louise said that Nelson Bond suggested we try it for 3 months in the winter to see if it would be profitable. Marge asked if we purchased all the equipment for three months whether or not we could get a refund? Most people thought we would not be able to recoup our money.  Andy asked how Bingo would move the mission of our church forward? Marge agreed and wondered how we would use the money if we made any. 

Barbara said she thought that the people who worked in the church were stretched to the limit and might not want to take on any more jobs.  It was asked who would be interested in forming a committee to take this on. No one volunteered. The motion was defeated with one abstention. 

Article III Stewardship

Emily presented a letter to the church about her thoughts on stewardship along with two cards that people could use to pledge their money and their talents. She also had a nice breakdown of how we had spent our money in 2010: 20% for worship, 15% for Christian development, 13% for pastoral care, 23% for mission, service, and outreach and 23% for stewardship of buildings and grounds.  We were asked to consider our gifts and bring the cards to church on the Sunday before Thanksgiving. Dick asked that people put the cards in envelopes so that their privacy was insured. 

Andy and the other members liked the way it was presented.

Article V Budget

Barbara said that we are doing well and we are $400 ahead of the budget at the present time. We are probably the only church in the surrounding area that is doing that well. We acknowledged that Emily’s effort in outreach is responsible for this.

Jill asked that the boards start their work on the budget and let her know how many open positions which would need to be filled next year. 

Article VI Pine trees.

The members were asked to allow the Trustees to remove the two pines on each side of the front porch and replace them with something more attractive.  The members voted in the affirmative with two abstentions.

Article VII Christmas Day Service

Emily and the deacons asked if we thought a Christmas day service should be held since Christmas Eve fell on a Saturday this year. Several people thought we should have one for anyone who wanted to come to church on that day. It was decided to hold the service.

The meeting was closed with thanks to John for the beautiful door and a prayer by Emily.

Respectfully submitted

Jill Gentilin (Secretary)