Sunday Worship: (9am)

Our Sunday morning worship is traditional, but not rigid or uncomfortable. We follow  the lectionary and a usual order for worship, but allow plenty of room for the Spirit.

Hymns are from the UCC’s New Century Hymnal. Sermons are between 12-15 long and are relevant to day-to-day life. Communion is celebrated the first Sunday of every month. Prayer requests are received each week during the Prayers of the People. And children are welcome in worship. Following worship we have a coffee hour followed by Bible study on the morning’s text, for those who wish to attend. And visitors, don’t worry…we are a warm and welcoming church but we will never make you stand up and say your name during announcements. We’ll just invite you back for some coffee, tea and cookies after the service.

Our faith is 2,000 years old. Our thinking is not.
We believe in God’s continuing testament.  This is why we are committed to hearing God’s ancient story anew and afresh in our lives and in the world today.  We try to remain attentive to God’s creative movement in the world. Religion and science are not mutually exclusive, and your head and heart are both welcomed into our places of worship.  We prepare our members and leaders to be engaged in ministry in the present and future church, and we embrace all kinds of communities and new modes of thinking.  Why? Because God is still speaking,

No matter who you are or where you are on life’s journey, you are welcome here.
We believe in extravagant welcome.  This is why we insist that God’s communion table is open, not closed, and God’s gift and claim in baptism are irrevocable.  We advocate justice for all.  Our congregations extend hospitality as a sign of God’s inclusive love.  We teach that evangelism — offering bread to those in search of it — is God’s mission.  Our perspective is global, not provincial.  We work with — not against — people of other faiths.  Why? Because God is still speaking,

Never place a period where God has placed a comma.
We believe the church’s mission is to change lives — individually, systemically and globally.  We work to make transformation possible, but trust in God’s grace.  This is why we insist that churches must be places of vitality in worship, learning and advocacy. We are committed to working for justice, and we believe that lives are changed through global experiences and friendships.  Why? Because God is still speaking,